ORV temperature regulating valve, for oil regulation

ORV is a temperature regulating valve for maintaining a constant oil temperature in gas compressor systems, by mixing hot and cold oil in the lubricating system of e.g. screw or turbo type compressors.
The ORV valve is lightweight, with few components and with extended cylindrical connections, to ensure ease of installation and service.
The element has a built-in temperature setting of 49°C (120°F) as standard. • Stainless steel nickel plated thermostatic element.
• Butt-weld (DIN, ANSI) or socket weld (SOC) connection.
• No manual adjustment.
• Plug and Play design.
• Optimised flow characteristics.
• Sturdy construction.
• High resistance against vibrations or shock.
• Can be mounted in any direction.
• Service friendly/Easy to dismantle and service when required.
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