ICMTS motor operated valve, for high-pressure applications

ICMTS is a motor operated valve driven by actuator type ICAD 600A-TS.
ICMTS is designed to regulate the flow of transcritical gas or subcritical liquid from the gascooler in transcritical CO2 systems. ICMTS can also be used for other control functions in CO2 systems.
ICMTS is designed so that the opening and closing forces are balanced.
  • Designed for high pressure CO2 systems. applications for a maximum working pressure of 140 bar / 2030 psig.  
  • Direct coupled connections.
  • Connection types are DIN butt weld.
  • Low temperature steel body.
  • Low weight and compact design.
  • Regulating cone ensures optimum regulating accuracy particularly at part load.
  • Manual opening possible via ICAD or Multi-function tool.
  • PTFE seat provides excellent valve tightness.
  • Magnet coupling - real hermetic sealing.
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