CCM electric expansion valve, for CO₂

CCM is an electric operated valve designed specifically for operation in CO2 systems. The valve is capable of functioning both as an expansion valve, and as a gas bypass valve with back-pressure regulation in subcritical applications.
The pressure rating allows for operation in environments where system standby capability is required without the need for auxiliary cooling systems during servicing or power outages.
  • Up to 90 bar (1305 psi) working pressure to accommodate CO2 system pressures during standstill conditions.
  • Precise positioning for optimal control of intermediate pressures in transcritical CO2 systems or liquid injection in heat exchangers.
  • Possibility of bi-flow operation.
  • MOPD up to 50 bar (725 psi).
  • Combined stainless steel butt weld/solder connections for installation in copper piped systems (K65 alloy or standard) as well as steel piped systems.
  • Standard M12 connector for simple and flexible connection to the motor driver.
  • For manual operation and service of the CCM an AST-g service driver is available.
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