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AKV electric expansion valves, for fluorinated refrigerants

AKV are electric expansion valves designed for refrigeration plants.
The AKV valves are supplied as a component programme, as follows:
• Separate valve.
• Separate coil with terminal box or cable.
• Spare parts in the form of upper part, orifice and filter.
The individual capacities are indicated with a number forming part of the type designation. The number represents the size of the orifice of the valve in question.


• Refrigerants: R744, R22/R407C, R404A/R507, R410A, R134a, R407A, R23. For other refrigerants, please contact Danfoss.
• The valve requires no adjustment.
• Wide regulation range.
• Replaceable orifice assembly.
• Both expansion valve and solenoid valve.
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