AK-LM 350 Monitoring unit

AK-LM 350 is a complete monitoring unit with the option of regulation functions via relay switches.
The monitoring unit is used to detect temperature, pressure, functions etc. in and around appliance cases and cold rooms for commercial and industrial cooling.
COP calculation can be made on the following systems:
• CO2 booster
• CO2 booster with heat recovery
• CO2 booster with heat recovery and brine
• Cascade plant
• Single stage
The monitoring unit is equipped with data communication and is operated via a PC.
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080Z0176 AK-LM 350 Monitoring unit Monitoring unit for COP Monitoring w.AK-PC 772,781,783 EKA 163B EKA 164B - - Chinese Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Italian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish

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