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LENO™ MSV-B is a new generation of manual valves for balancing flow in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.
LENO™ MSV-B is a combined presetting and shut off valve with a range of unique features:
• Removable hand wheel for easy mounting.
• Numeric presetting scale, visible from more angles.
• Easy locking of presetting.
• Built-in measuring nipples for 3mm needles.
• Open-close with Allen key in emergency.
• Open-closed colour indicator.
It is recommended to use LENO™ MSV-B in constant
flow systems or one-pipe systems for balancing,shut off, service and repair and flow verification for boilers, flat stations or heat pumps in one-family houses. The valve can be mounted in the flow or return pipe.
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Code no.




Max. work. pressure [bar]

Max. flow temp. [°C]


003Z4030 LENO™ MSV-B DN15LF 2.5 20 130 Rp ½"
003Z4031 LENO™ MSV-B DN15 3.0 20 130 Rp ½"
003Z4032 LENO™ MSV-B DN20 6.0 20 130 Rp ¾"
003Z4033 LENO™ MSV-B DN25 9.5 20 130 Rp 1"
003Z4034 LENO™ MSV-B DN32 18 20 130 Rp 1¼"
003Z4035 LENO™ MSV-B DN40 26 20 130 Rp 1½"
003Z4036 LENO™ MSV-B DN50 40 20 130 Rp 2"
003Z4130 LENO™ MSV-B DN15 3.0 20 130 G ¾ A
003Z4131 LENO™ MSV-B DN15LF 2.5 20 130 G ¾ A

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