EVR 2 - EVR 25 (NC), copper solder connections, without coils


Refrigerants: R22/R407C, R404A/R507, R410A, R134a, R407A, R23. For other refrigerants, please contact Danfoss.
Temperature of medium: –40 - +105°C (10 W / 12 W coil).
Max. 130°C during defrosting.
Min. opening differential pressure, EVR 2-3: 0.0 bar, EVR 6-22: 0.05 bar, EVR 25-32: 0.20 bar.
Type Code EVR 6
Weight 0.185 Kg
Actuator system 13,5 mm
Ambient temp. -40 - 80 °C
Ambient temp. range -40 - 175 °F
Coil No
Cv value 0,920 gpm US
Direction Straightway
EAN no. 5702422042945
Function N C
Identical prod. 032F5219
Inlet type SOLDER, ODF
Inlet size 3/8 IN
Kv value 0,800 m3/h
Man. Operat. No
MWP 45,2 bar
MWP 655 psig
Medium temperature range note Defrost max 130°C/265°F
Medium temp. -40 - 105 °C
Medium temp. -40 - 221 °F
Min. ODP 0,050 bar
MOPD Coil Dependend
Orifice size 6,00 mm
Outlet type SOLDER, ODF
Outlet size 3/8 IN
Pack format Multi pack
Parts program name EVR
Prod. Group Solenoid valves
Prod. name Solenoid valve
Pack qty. 12 pc
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant R22/R407C
Refrigerant R23
Refrigerant R404A/R507
Refrigerant R407A
Refrigerant R410A
Type design. Solenoid valve, Solder
Valve operation SERVO-DIAPHRAGM

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