DGS gas detection sensor, for Food Retail applications


Danfoss Gas Sensor type DGS is a state-of-the-art fixed gas detector which can detect a wide range of different gases. The sensors can be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated into Refrigeration Control System or Building Management Systems.
DGS is a high-specification product offering customers absolute confidence that both safety and compliance requirements are met or exceeded.
Typical refrigerant gas applications include Halocarbons – HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrocarbons.
GDS is available in IP41 and IP66 versions.
Type Code DGS-IR-CO2
Weight 0.180 Kg
Approval CE
Approval EAC
Current consumpt. 200 mA
Enclosure rating IP41
Function For CO2
More info. Alarm Set Point: 5000 ppm
Pack format Single pack
Prod. Group Sensors
Prod. name Gas detecting sensor
Pack qty. 1 PC
Refrigerant R744
Supply volt. DC 12 - 24 V
Supply volt. AC 12 - 24 V
Temp. range -20 - 50 °C

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