Type Code SC
Net weight 12.90 Kg
Application energy level Tropical LBP compressor
Applications LBP
Approval standard CCC; CE EN 60335-2-34 with Annex AA
Auxiliary winding resistance (start winding) for single-phase compressors [Ohm] 13.5
Base plate type Universal
Brand technique Reciprocating compressor
Capacity control Fixed speed
Capacity of capacitor B 80 uF
Colour Black
Configuration code Single
Cut in current HST [A] 16.2
Cut in current LST [A] 20.1
Discharge connection angle [°] 37
Discharge connection comments Al-cap
Discharge connection diameter [mm] 6.2
Discharge connection height [mm] 100
Discharge connection material Cu-plated steel
Drawing number 8258
Economizer No
Free gas volume [cm3] 1410
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Gross weight 12.90 Kg
Height from baseplate [mm] 203
High value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V] 230
High value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V] 230
High value of voltage range at 50Hz [V] 254
High value of voltage range at 60Hz [V] 254
LRA HST [A] 16.2
LRA LST [A] 15.8
Low value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V] 208
Low value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V] 220
Low value of voltage range at 50Hz [V] 187
Low value of voltage range at 60Hz [V] 198
Main winding resistance for single-phase compressors [Ohm] 5.1
Model number SC15FT
Motor type CSIR; RSIR
No. of phases (compressor) 1
No. of phases (fan) 1
Nominal cooling capacity 60 kBTU/h 5.55
Nominal cooling capacity at 60Hz 1.6
Oil charge [L] 550
Oil quantity [cm3] 550
Oil type POE
Packing format Industrial pack
Packing quantity 80
Phase 1
Process connection angle [°] 37
Process connection comments Al-cap
Process connection diameter [mm] 6.2
Process connection material Cu-plated steel
RLA 3.1 A
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant charge [kg] [Max] 1.3
Rotational speed at 50Hz [rpm] 2900
Rotational speed at 60Hz [rpm] 3500
Segment usage Refrigeration LT
Start capacitor capacitance 80
Suction connection angle [°] 37
Suction connection comments Al-cap
Suction connection diameter [mm] 10.2
Suction connection height [mm] 183
Suction connection material Cu-plated steel
Swept volume [cm3] 15.28
Technology Reciprocating
Total height [mm] 209
Type designation Compressor
Voltage 50Hz [V] 220
Voltage 50Hz [V] [Max] 240
Voltage 60Hz [V] 220
Voltage 60Hz [V] [Max] 240
Winding temperature short term [°C] [Max] 135
Winding temperature stat [°C] [Max] 125
• Bolt joint compressor 16 mm 118-1917
• Bolt joint compressor 16 mm Description MOUNTING ACCESSORIES
• Bolt joint quantities 16 mm 118-1918
• Bolt joint quantities 16 mm Description Bolt joint
• Cord relief 103N1004
• Cord relief Description CORD RELIEF SC EU/UL
• Cover electrics 103N2009
• Cover electrics Description COVER SC-220V
• PTC RSIR 6.3 mm 103N0011
• PTC RSIR 6.3 mm Description PTC STARTER 220V 25ohm type S-III 6,3mm
• Replacement compressor 104G8505
• Replacement compressor Description SC15FT
• Snap on in quantities 16mm 118-1919
• Snap on in quantities 16mm Description Snap-on
• Starting capacitor 117U5017
• Starting capacitor Description START CAPACITOR 80µF, 220V - SC
• Starting relay HST 117U6005
• Starting relay HST Description Starting Relay SC

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